50th Anniversary Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Capital Campaign and a Comprehensive Campaign?

A capital campaign is generally to raise funds for a building project. A comprehensive campaign raises money for select programs and buildings in addition to annual unrestricted gifts like CDR’s Annual Fund.

Why are you undertaking a comprehensive campaign at this time?

CDR is celebrating 50 years of providing early childhood education and life-changing therapies. We want to continue this important work into the future. Our rapidly growing community and the increasing needs of the children threatens to exceed CDR’s resources and our ability to respond with the high quality that has been our foundation. This is why we need your help.

How did you choose a $1 million campaign goal?

One million dollars will make a significant impact on the long term well being of the agency.

What will the money raised be used for?

Your donation will help us enhance services, like physical and speech therapy, for children. It will help us provide early childhood and parenting education through programs like Rookie Dads. It will help us recruit and retain first class service providers. It will help us keep our facilities safe and secure to assure families and their children are in a nurturing environment.

You mention in the campaign brochure that the money will go to sustaining the facility. What current needs to you have?

We have done a thorough assessment of our facility, and we have a plan over the next 30 years to address our growing needs to provide better work and training spaces. Some of our current needs include a security system to make sure our families and staff are safe and secure, a new sidewalk to address handicapped-accessible needs, and an update of our infant and toddler playground at First Steps.

Where do you see CDR in the next 50 years?

CDR strives to be the leader in our community and a national resource in early childhood development.

Where do the children you serve live?

We serve children who live in James City County, Williamsburg, York County and Poquoson.

How old are the children you serve?

Our primary focus is on infants and toddlers, but we do serve some children until they are ready for kindergarten.

How many children do you serve a year?

We serve nearly 1,000 children a year and their families.

How does CDR select the children with whom it works?

We receive referrals in from a variety of sources. Pediatricians, heath providers, community partners and parents can call 566-TOTS to receive services.

Tell me more about the services that CDR provides?

CDR offers something for all parents of young children, from newborn home visits to program services for children with developmental concerns or family risk factors. Our training programs help early childhood professionals improve the quality of services for young children as well.

Where are you located?

Our main office is in Norge, but we provide the majority of our services in the family’s home. We know that a child learns best in his or her natural environment. We also have two full day child care centers, one in James City County and one in York County.

What kind of national and state presence do you have?

For nearly 30 years, CDR has trained child development professionals throughout the country and internationally. More than 10,000 Head Start and Early Head Start staff, child care providers, health professionals, and families have become better caregivers thanks to CDR’s expert training.

What is CDR’s annual budget?

CDR’s annual budget is $6 million, with the majority of those funds coming from grants and contracts.

How much of your budget is covered by state and federal funding?

CDR receives 70% of its revenue in the form of state, federal or federal pass-thru grant funding.  Other revenue sources include donations/contributions, contracts and private grants.

What percentage of your funding goes to program services?

82% of all of CDR’s funding goes directly into our program services.  Only 18% is used for administration, fundraising, and investment services.

What programs are served by federal and state funding?

Many of our programs use a combination of state and federal funding to reach children with developmental delays or concerns and to support families who are income-eligible for services.

Are the current programs meeting the community’s needs?

Today’s programs are challenged by our rapidly growing community and the increasing needs of children and families. This growth threatens to exceed CDR’s resources and our ability to respond with the high quality that has been our hallmark and the foundation of so many children’s success stories. This is why we need your help.

Do the localities get involved with your programs?

Yes, all of the localities (James City County, Williamsburg, York County, and Poquoson) provide funding into direct service and training programs.

Do you work with other local nonprofits?

We know that no one agency can meet all the needs of a child. We are proud to partner and collaborate with a wide variety of agencies throughout the Historic Triangle.

What percentage of children do you serve that are low income?

73% of the children we serve are considered low income.

Do you have an endowment? How large is it?

Yes, what started out as a generous bequest from Benjamin Winsten has grown into The Corinne W. Garland Endowment Fund for Children and is operating at $1.2 million.

My company makes matching gift contributions. How can I take advantage of that opportunity?

Matching gifts are a great way to maximize the impact of your own gift! The best place to start is with your company’s human resources representative. They can provide you with the paperwork you will need to get started.

May I nominate a program or a specific need for my donation?

Yes, restricted gifts are always welcome.

Do you offer NAP credits?

Yes, please contact the Development office at 757/566-3300 for more information.

Can I make a donation to the campaign over a 3-year period?

Yes! We are happy to spread your donation out over 3 years.